Request For Information

Our Request for Information (RFI) Template is designed to simplify the process of seeking clarifications in construction projects. This template provides a structured framework for formalising RFI requests, ensuring that all relevant details are captured. From specifying project phases to documenting potential impacts and proposed solutions, it empowers you to streamline communication and address information gaps effectively. With this template, available within ProjectDeck, you’ll enhance collaboration and keep your construction projects on track by swiftly resolving uncertainties and ambiguities in project documentation. All templates are available as part of a ProjectDeck Free Forever subscription – so why not join us, and start using your Request for Information Template today!



What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Timely Issue Resolution

    Ensures that information gaps and uncertainties are addressed promptly, preventing delays and project disruptions.

  • Documentation Consistency

    Maintains a consistent format for documenting RFIs, making it easier to track and reference requests and responses.

  • Enhanced Accountability

    Clarifies responsibilities by documenting RFI details, promoting accountability among project stakeholders.

  • Streamlined Communication

    Facilitates a structured and formal process for requesting and providing clarifications, reducing communication gaps.

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