Streamline Your Learning Experience with ProjectDeck Help Centre V2 and Onboarding Videos

Nick Adams
16 Apr 2024  • 4 mins read

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest updates to the ProjectDeck document management system, specially designed for the construction industry. Following your feedback, we’ve significantly upgraded the ProjectDeck Help Centre and our Onboarding Videos, making it easier than ever to get started with ProjectDeck from day one.

Maintaining Our Core Values While Innovating

As we roll out these exciting new features, our commitment to providing a user-friendly experience remains unwavering.

  • Universally Accessible Help Centre: Our enhanced ProjectDeck Help Centre retains its public accessibility, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our comprehensive support resources, whether accessing from the public website or directly within ProjectDeck.

User-Inspired Improvements: Tailoring the ProjectDeck Help Centre for Seamless Onboarding

Your insights have been invaluable in shaping enhancements, resulting in:

  • Expanded and Updated Help Resources: We’ve doubled the number of ProjectDeck help centre articles, ensuring they’re concise, focused, and fully updated to reflect the latest ProjectDeck V2 features.
  • Improved Search and Organisation: With a new global search function and reorganised content categories, finding the exact help you need is faster and more intuitive.
  • Increased Video and Visual Guidance: Responding to requests for more visual aids, we’ve added numerous videos and annotated images, offering step-by-step instructions tailored to diverse learning preferences.
  • Targeted Onboarding Videos: Concise onboarding videos, accessed directly from ProjectDeck, simplify the learning process for new users, making it straightforward to harness the full power of ProjectDeck.


Enhanced Accessibility for Construction Professionals

We’ve refined the ProjectDeck Help Centre content and structure to ensure it is more accessible and relevant to all our target users, including Quality, Safety, Environmental, Project, Contract, Site, and Asset Managers and teams.


The Benefits of ProjectDeck Help Centre V2 and Onboarding Videos

Our focus on ease of adoption, improved navigation, and content quality aims to make your learning experience both efficient and enjoyable. Whether you’re a new user or an experienced ProjectDeck professional, these enhancements are designed to support your journey towards greater productivity and success.

Embrace Enhanced Productivity with ProjectDeck V2

Getting started with ProjectDeck V2 is as seamless as ever. Register for your free subscription at and explore our comprehensive onboarding resources and dedicated support team. Stay tuned for our upcoming ‘Solutions Focus’ stories, where we delve into how different construction professions leverage ProjectDeck, highlighting specific use cases and success stories.

Nick Adams
16 Apr 2024  • 4 mins read
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