ProjectDeck Version 2: Enhanced Form Builder Software

Nick Adams
16 Apr 2024  • 4 mins read

The landscape of construction document management is transforming, and ProjectDeck is at the forefront of this change. With the launch of ProjectDeck version 2, we’ve taken a giant leap forward, integrating your feedback to enhance our form builder features. Here’s how we’ve evolved, to better meet the needs of the construction sector, whilst keeping the essence of what you’ve always valued.

Core Principles of ProjectDeck’s Form Builder

In the realm of exciting advancements, the foundational philosophy behind the ProjectDeck Form Builder features remains unchanged:

  1. Rich in Components: Your construction projects have diverse needs, and our forms features are designed to cater to each one, ensuring no use-case is left behind.
  2. Efficiency in Design: We champion the simplicity and speed that our forms offer, allowing for quick creation, customisation, and management of forms.
  3. Ease of Deployment: Whether managing a single project or overseeing thousands, the deployment of ProjectDeck’s form builder is designed to be effortlessly scalable.
  4. Uncompromised Security: Maintaining our commitment to security, we ensure that our form builder comes with robust access, role, and permission management features to protect your data.

Feedback-Driven Enhancements: Elevating ProjectDeck Form Builder

Your insights have been invaluable in sculpting the version 2 upgrades. Here’s what you asked for from your forms software, and what we’ve proudly delivered:

  1. Microsoft 365 Integration: Our form builder now offers a seamless blend of document and form management, allowing for unparalleled connectivity and dynamic co-authoring capabilities with Microsoft 365, directly from the ProjectDeck environment.



2. Enhanced Table Components: Experience flexibility with dynamic tables—easily adjust columns, manage content through improved headers, and distinguish between admin and user entries. Every piece of data is now fully reportable, thanks to our advanced data export capabilities.



3. Advanced Form Meta-Data Control: The introduction of ‘Form Properties’ within our form builder adds a new layer for managing metadata, empowering admins and end-users to define properties for forms, enhancing data organisation and accessibility.



4. Streamlined Workflows: Redesigning workflows to be more intuitive, our forms now simplify signing, notifications, reviews, and approvals. Additionally, all ProjectDeck admin, reader, and workflow roles are now free forever across all subscription types, removing any final cost barriers to efficient project management.


Broadening Horizons: Expanded Use Cases with ProjectDeck’s Form Builder Features

ProjectDeck Form Builder now caters to an even wider array of construction processes. From quality and safety management to environmental assessments and project oversight, here are just a few scenarios where our enhanced form builder shines:



  • Quality and Safety Management: Streamline requests for information, manage inspection plans, and oversee safety protocols with ease.
  • Environmental and Project Management: Conduct detailed environmental assessments and manage project documentation efficiently.
  • Contract, Site and Asset Management: Keep tabs on contract variations, monitor site progress, and manage assets effectively.

Your Gains with ProjectDeck Form Builder Features

ProjectDeck version 2 brings tangible benefits across the board. Enhanced design capabilities, improved management features, and streamlined controls mean saving time, reducing errors, enhancing compliance, and fostering collaboration are now more attainable than ever.

Getting Started with ProjectDeck Version 2

Embarking on your journey with ProjectDeck version 2 is straightforward. Sign up for a free subscription at and explore the wealth of resources available—from onboarding videos to an extensive help centre designed to facilitate a smooth transition to these powerful new features.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the capabilities of ProjectDeck in upcoming articles, with a special focus next week on the powerful Data Grids and Views that revolutionise how you control and interact with your data.

Nick Adams
16 Apr 2024  • 4 mins read
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