ProjectDeck Version 2: Elevating Data Visualisation Grids and Collections

Nick Adams
16 Apr 2024  • 4 mins read

In the latest upgrade to ProjectDeck, we’ve taken a giant leap forward, addressing one of your most requested features: a more robust data grid. After gathering your invaluable feedback, we’ve reimagined our approach to data visualisation with the enhanced ProjectDeck Data Grid. Furthermore, we’ve introduced a new, flexible feature: Collections. This innovative addition allows you to customise data displays within your project pages, offering unprecedented control and personalisation. Together, these features revolutionise the way you interact with data in ProjectDeck, but let’s start with what remains foundational.

Core Tenets of the ProjectDeck Data Visualisation Grids

Amidst these exciting enhancements, the essence of the ProjectDeck Data Visualisation Grids stands firm:

  1. Powerful Navigation: The data visualisation grid, a cornerstone of ProjectDeck, continues to be the preferred method for our users to navigate and sift through data – from risk registers to work permits.
  2. Simplicity at its Best: Understanding the complexity of managing thousands of projects and documents, we’ve further simplified navigation with our intuitive Collections feature, enhancing user experience.

Feedback-Inspired Enhancements: Revolutionising Data Management

Your feedback is the catalyst for the remarkable enhancements in ProjectDeck Version 2. Here are the top improvements you’ve helped shape:

  1. Universal Search: A highly requested feature, the universal search, now enables you to quickly locate any item across ProjectDeck with a single query.



2. Enhanced Filter and Sort: We’ve supercharged the filtering and sorting capabilities across all data grids, introducing multifaceted conditional options while retaining straightforward functionalities for those who prefer simplicity.



3. Grouping and Pivoting: Responding to the call for more versatile data visualisation, we’ve implemented straightforward grouping and sophisticated pivoting functionalities, letting you view data exactly how you wish.



4. Unlimited Columns: With an expanded column limit, customisation is truly in your hands. Add, remove, pin, or freeze columns with ease, thanks to improved drag-and-drop features.



5. The Power of Collections: Designed to declutter and focus, Collections allow you to customise your workspace by adding or removing data sets as needed, ensuring you’re only presented with the most relevant information.


Expanding Use Cases: The Versatility of ProjectDeck’s Data Visualisation Features

The enhancements to ProjectDeck’s Data Visualisation Grid and Collections aren’t just technical upgrades; they’re designed to significantly impact various aspects of construction management:

  • Quality Management: Manage quality control documents, like snagging or defect reports, within an organised data visualisation grid, making data easier to digest and act upon.
  • Health and Safety Management: Simplify the management of numerous site induction forms with a powerful data visualisation grid, enhancing record retrieval efficiency.
  • Contract Management: Easily compare different data sets, such as early warnings and compensation events, within the ProjectDeck grid for informed decision-making.

These are only a few examples and our site, asset, project and environmental management colleagues are equally well served.

The Advantages of Upgraded Data Visualisation Grids

With Version 2, ProjectDeck’s new data grids offer streamlined navigation, faster data access, and enhanced productivity, all while being surprisingly enjoyable to use.

Embrace ProjectDeck Version 2

Embarking on your journey with ProjectDeck Version 2 is seamless. Sign up for a free subscription at and take advantage of our onboarding resources and dedicated support team. Stay tuned for our next feature deep dive: an expanded Web Library designed to simplify your construction management tasks.

Nick Adams
16 Apr 2024  • 4 mins read
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