ProjectDeck V2 Unleashed: Revolutionise Your Workflow with Our Free Templates

Nick Adams
16 Apr 2024  • 4 mins read

We’re excited to unveil one of the most eagerly awaited features in ProjectDeck Version 2 – the enhanced free Templates Centre. Your feedback highlighted a desire for a more straightforward way to jumpstart your projects, and we listened. The free Templates Centre is our answer, offering immediate access to form templates, ready to use right out of the box.

The Essence of ProjectDeck’s Free Templates Centre

The introduction of the free Templates Centre to ProjectDeck marks a significant milestone, but the core values that define our templates remain unchanged:

  1. Fully Customisable Templates: Every template is designed for flexibility. Import a form template and then tailor it precisely to your needs, ensuring your project’s unique requirements are always met.
  2. Accessibility at Your Fingertips: Based on your input, we’ve integrated the free Templates Centre directly into your ProjectDeck environment. Now, a treasure trove of templates is just one click away, embedded within your existing workflow for unmatched ease of use.

ProjectDeck-feature-web library

Feedback-Driven Enhancements: A Leap Forward in Data Management

Your insights have been instrumental in shaping the advancements of ProjectDeck V2. Here are some of the most significant enhancements inspired by you:

  1. Diverse Selection: We’ve expanded our free Templates Centre to cover all core use cases within ProjectDeck, ensuring that whatever your need – be it Quality, Safety, Environmental, Project, Contract, Asset or Site Management – we’ve got a form template for it.
  2. Expertly Crafted: Uniquely, all our templates are developed by seasoned construction professionals, ensuring a blend of quality and practicality that truly sets our free Templates Centre apart.
  3. Tailored Support: To make transitioning to ProjectDeck even smoother, we offer a complimentary form template conversion service. Let us handle the setup, so you can focus on what you do best.

Expanding Horizons: Templates for Every Construction Professional

Our free Templates Centre now includes templates for an array of typical use cases, ready to supercharge your ProjectDeck experience:

  • Quality Management: From Quality Plans to Defect Management and beyond.
  • Safety Management: Including Risk Assessments, Site Inductions, and Toolbox Talks.
  • Environmental Management: Covering everything from Environmental Audits to Impact Assessments.
  • Project Management: With templates for Project Plans, Business Cases, and more.
  • Contract Management: Including Payment Certificates, Risk Registers, and Contract Variations.
  • Site Management: From Site Progress Reports to Safe Site Inspections.
  • Asset Management: Covering Plant Maintenance, Asset Registers, and O&M Manuals.

And this is just the beginning. We’re committed to continuously expanding and refining the free Templates Centre to meet your evolving needs.

The Benefits of Leveraging Free Templates Centre

With the launch of ProjectDeck V2, accessing the Templates Centre is not just free—it’s a strategic move to enhance your project documentation and form management. Experience immediate productivity gains and engage your team from day one, all within a user-friendly platform that makes project management enjoyable.

Embrace the Future with ProjectDeck V2

Starting your journey with ProjectDeck V2 is effortless. Simply sign up for a free subscription at and leverage our comprehensive onboarding resources and dedicated support team. And keep an eye out for our next deep dive, where we’ll explore the new charting and exporting features designed to streamline your construction reporting processes.

Nick Adams
16 Apr 2024  • 4 mins read
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