Elevate Your Project Insights with ProjectDeck V2's Advanced Chart Maker and Export Features

Nick Adams
16 Apr 2024  • 4 mins read

We’re excited to unveil the latest enhancements in ProjectDeck Version 2. Recognising your need for more dynamic data visualisation and seamless data export, we’ve introduced a robust chart maker and expanded export options to elevate your ProjectDeck experience.

Innovations Without Compromising the Classics

While we’re excited about these new features, we’re also committed to preserving the functionalities you’ve come to rely on:

  • Export to Business Intelligence (BI): Our beloved BI export feature is going nowhere. It remains the go-to tool for business reporting aficionados. The introduction of a swift Excel export option complements, rather than replaces, this feature, catering to our Excel enthusiasts.

Feedback-Inspired Advancements: Revolutionising Data Interaction

Your valuable input has been the driving force behind significant enhancements in ProjectDeck V2, including:

  • Comprehensive Chart Maker Options: Select from over 20 chart types, customise colours and themes, and enjoy flexible data formatting options to suit your precise needs.
  • Instant Chart Creation: Access our chart maker tools with a single click, ensuring immediate data visualisation to streamline your analysis process.



  • Excel Exports, Perfected: Our Excel export option now includes fully formatted outputs, complete with multi-row headers and text formatting, for impeccably organised data presentations.



  • Simplified .CSV Outputs: For those who prefer unadorned data, the .CSV export option delivers clean, format-free results.


Additionally, we’ve refined data copying directly from the data grid, introducing convenient features like ‘copy with headers’ to simplify your workflows even further.

Expanding Horizons: Tailored Chart Maker Solutions for Construction Professionals

ProjectDeck chart maker isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer for various construction management activities, such as:

  1. Contract Management: Visualise the number and value of contract variations over time.
  2. Quality Management: Track the number and resolution status of defects, enhancing quality control.
  3. Project Management: Analyse risk registers by impact categories to mitigate project risks effectively.

Whether for personal insight or incorporating into reports, these chart maker capabilities are designed to support all your project needs.

The Power of Visualisation: Unlocking New Insights

The ability to quickly generate meaningful charts not only boosts productivity but also makes data analysis an enjoyable and engaging task. Effective visualisations improve communication across your project teams, facilitating better decision-making and collaboration.

Embrace ProjectDeck V2: A Seamless Transition to Enhanced Productivity

Starting with ProjectDeck V2 is as straightforward as ever. Sign up for your free subscription at and take full advantage of our onboarding resources and dedicated support team.

Stay tuned for our upcoming deep dive into the newly enhanced ProjectDeck Help Centre, aimed at helping you to further simplify your construction management processes.

Nick Adams
16 Apr 2024  • 4 mins read
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