Templates Introduction

Nick Adams
10 Jan 2024  • 3 mins read

Permissions: Lifecycle Admins, Project Managers, and Project Members can create and manage templates.

Templates are a fundamental concept within ProjectDeck. As project users engage with ProjectDeck, their primary activities involve creating, editing, and accessing forms, and each of these forms is generated from a template.

The image below shows the Template Library, before any templates have been added.

ProjectDeck-Template library

Template Library Main Actions

The primary actions performed within the Template Library encompass:

  1. Viewing a template
  2. Creating a new template
  3. Using a web library template

Viewing a Template

To view an existing template, click on the row checkbox in the template library grid and select View. This action will open the template in the Template Designer, allowing you to view or edit it.

ProjectDeck-Template library-view

Creating a New Template

To create a new template, click the + New Template button to initiate a new template in the Template Designer for editing.

ProjectDeck-Template library-new-template1

Using a Web Library Template

For added convenience, ProjectDeck offers a selection of pre-designed templates accessible via the Web Library button. Clicking this button will open a web library of templates that you can import into your subscription for immediate use.

ProjectDeck-Template library-web-library

Template Designer

The Template Designer, depicted below, serves as the workspace for reading and editing your templates.

ProjectDeck-Template library-new-template-designer

The Template Designer comprises three essential tabs:

  1. Template Components: Here, you define the main fields that form users will interact with.
  2. Template Properties: This tab houses meta-data for your forms, which can be completed by either Admin users or Project users.
  3. Template Workflows: Configure workflows such as reviews and approvals that will be associated with forms using this template.

Other Template Features

Templates are associated with Template Versioning, a feature that aids Admin users and Project users to precisely identify the templates they are using.

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