Projects Introduction

Nick Adams
09 Jan 2024  • 3 mins read

The Projects Page is the central hub where project users accomplish most of their tasks, including the creation of new forms and documents using ProjectDeck templates.

Let’s explore the key components of the Projects Page in detail.


Back Button (1)

The Back button is the quickest way to return to your Homepage. Alternatively, you can navigate back to your Homepage through these methods:

  1. Clicking on the ProjectDeck logo to access the current subscription’s Homepage.
  2. Clicking on a subscription icon in the dark blue subscription bar to access the Homepage of any of your subscriptions.

Project Title (2)

The Project Title represents the name assigned to the project during its creation, by one of your Project Admins.

Ellipsis (…) Menu (3)

The contents of the ellipsis menu vary depending on your role within the project. All roles with access to the project can utilise the View Team function. Project Admins have additional options to Rename Projects and Delete Projects. The Project Page Functions help page contains further information.

Project Page Controls (4)

The Project Page Functions in this area of the Projects Page differ based on your role:

  • Project Admins and Project Managers can Add Team Members.
  • Project Managers and Project Members can Create New Forms and Create New Templates.
  • All users can utilise the Search function.

Grid Tabs (5)

The Grid Tabs enable you to switch between the All Forms Tab and any Collections created by users on project pages. The default view for all users is the All Forms Tab.


All Forms and Collections Grid (6)

ProjectDeck Grids are an integral part of the Projects Page, offering powerful functionality for tasks such as searching, filtering, sorting, and grouping data. Here’s an overview of the grids:


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