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Nick Adams
09 Jan 2024  • 4 mins read

The Projects Grid on your Homepage empowers you with the following capabilities:

  1. Access Projects
  2. Rename Projects
  3. Delete Projects
  4. Assign Teams

Additionally, it provides access to the robust features of the ProjectDeck Grid, enabling you to search, filter, sort, and group data according to your preferences.


My Data / All Data Filter

The Projects Grid presents different data based on the status of the “All Data” selector:

  1. When the All Data selector is enabled (highlighted in green), all projects within the subscription are listed.
  2. When the All Data selector is disabled (shown in grey), your editable or read-only projects are displayed.

Access Projects

You can access any project for which you hold a Project Manager, Project Member, or Project Reader role. Additionally, all admin roles come with global read-only permissions, granting access to any project.

To access a project, click on the row checkbox in the project grid and select “view”.

ProjectDeck-Projects Grid-access

Rename Projects

Permissions: Project Admins can rename projects.

To rename a project, double-click on the project name to activate inline editing. Make any necessary changes to the project name, and press ENTER to confirm your modifications. Pressing ESC will cancel any changes made.


Delete Projects

Permissions: Project Admins can delete projects.

To delete a project, select the checkbox next to the project name, and click the Delete button located at the top right of the project grid. You will be prompted to confirm your choice before the project is removed from your subscription.

Note: As a precaution, you cannot delete multiple projects simultaneously.

ProjectDeck-Projects Grid-delete

ProjectDeck-Projects Grid-delete-modal

Assign a Team

Permissions: Only Project Admins can bulk assign team members to projects.

To assign a team, select the checkboxes next to the project names you wish to assign team members to. Click the Assign a Team button at the top right of the project grid. This will open the assign members control, where you can choose users from the ProjectDeck system to assign as team members.

Multiple users can be selected for assignment, and a role must be designated for each team member. Clicking the Assign button will assign the selected users to the checked projects with their respective roles.

Note: that if a user previously had assigned roles on one or more of the selected projects, those roles will be overwritten by the most recent application of the “Assign a Team” function.

If a user does not appear in the assign members control, it means they have not been added as a user by the User Admin. See the Manage Team Page for more information.

Note: Project Manager roles can assign Project Member or Project Reader roles under their own projects only, using the Project Page Functions.

ProjectDeck-projects grid-assign-team

ProjectDeck-projects grid-assign-team-modal

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