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Nick Adams
09 Jan 2024  • 3 mins read

Accessing your Organisation Profile

Permissions: All Admin roles can view the Organisation Profile Page, while only the Owner role has the authority to modify its details.

To access your Organisation Profile, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ellipsis (“…”) menu located next to the subscription name at the top of either the Homepage or Template Library.


The image below shows the Organisation Profile page.


Profile Name and Organisation Logo

You have the flexibility to modify your profile name and organisation logo. These details play a vital role throughout the ProjectDeck system as they help identify and reference your subscription easily.

Transfer Ownership

Each ProjectDeck subscription designates a single Owner responsible for subscription management. The Owner role also carries User Admin permissions, enabling them to add users and assign roles within the subscription.

Transferring ownership is possible, and the process involves the following steps:

  1. The current Owner selects a User Admin to become the new Owner.
  2. The chosen User Admin is notified and must accept the role.
  3. The current Owner can cancel or alter this transfer at any time before the selected User Admin accepts the role.

In situations where an account becomes ‘orphaned,’ such as when an Owner leaves the organisation, specific steps must be taken. In such cases, you should Contact Us to initiate a subscription recovery procedure and nominate a new Owner.

Setting the Organisation’s Currency and Time Zone

Configuring the subscription’s currency has implications for the Template Designer’s currency components. Each ProjectDeck subscription must be associated with a single master currency.

Additionally, setting the correct time zone is essential to ensure consistency in date and time stamps used throughout the subscription. If your operations extend beyond the (UTC 00:00 Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Lisbon) time zone, we recommend adjusting the time zone as one of your initial setup tasks in ProjectDeck. This ensures that all time-related information aligns with your local time zone, enhancing accuracy within the system.

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