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Nick Adams
11 Jan 2024  • 2 mins read

In ProjectDeck, workflows are integral to managing forms across your projects and subscription. To streamline your workflow management, you can access the “My Workflows” feature.

What is My Workflows?

My Workflows is a convenient ProjectDeck Grid view that provides a summary of all your open and closed workflows within your subscription.

To access My Workflows, simply click on the Bell icon located at the top-right corner of the interface.

Using My Workflows

The My Workflows page consists of two main tabs:

  1. Open Workflows: This tab displays all the open workflows associated with your subscription.
  2. Closed Workflows: The closed workflows tab shows you a list of previously completed workflows.


Both tabs function similarly, presenting a grid view of forms linked to open or closed workflows. To navigate to a specific workflow or form, follow these steps:

  1. Select a row in the grid that corresponds to the workflow or form you want to access.
  2. Click the View button. This action will take you directly to the associated form’s workflow tab for further management.


My Workflows simplifies your workflow tracking, making it easier to access and manage your forms and associated workflows across your ProjectDeck subscription.

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Was this article helpful?


Was this article helpful?


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