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Nick Adams
12 Jan 2024  • 3 mins read

Permissions: All team members can access and manage their own My Details page.

To access your My Details page, click your User Profile image located at the top right of any ProjectDeck page.

My Details Overview

The My Details page is divided into three tabs:

  1. My Details
  2. Manage Subscriptions
  3. Project Assignment

Within these pages, team members can review information about their ProjectDeck account and perform various user controls.

My Details Tab

In the My Details tab, team members can review and edit the following information:

  • First Name, Last Name, Job Title: This information is consistent across all the team member’s subscriptions.
  • Admin Role: This lists all Admin roles associated with the team member’s current subscription.
  • Upload Image: A profile image of up to 300KB can be uploaded here.
  • Email Address, Change Email, Change Password: These features are available for non-Single Sign-On (SSO) team members. Organisations using SSO will manage team member identity information through their corporate systems.
  • Deactivate Account: Team members can deactivate their ProjectDeck account, which removes access to all subscriptions they have. All team member identity information will be deleted from the ProjectDeck system within 90 days.


Manage Subscriptions Tab

In the Manage Subscriptions tab, team members can access a list of all subscriptions they are associated with. Team members with multiple subscriptions can select their landing page subscription; the one they first navigate to when signing in to ProjectDeck.

If a team member has multiple subscriptions, they can access them from the subscription ribbon on the left side of all ProjectDeck pages.


Project Assignment Tab

In the Project Assignment tab, team members can access a list of all projects they are associated with. Information about each project is presented, and each line in the table serves as a link to navigate to that specific project.


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