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ProjectDeck offers a multi-subscription service, allowing you to purchase and manage different ProjectDeck subscriptions independently. This flexibility can be particularly useful for businesses with diverse use-cases or for individuals who have ProjectDeck subscriptions associated with various organisations.

Examples may include:

  1. Organisations with Multiple Departments or Regions: In cases where a single organisation has different departments or regions, each with its distinct requirements, separate subscriptions can be created to manage them effectively.
  2. Professionals Serving Multiple Clients: Professionals and consultants who work with multiple clients can utilise separate ProjectDeck subscriptions for each client’s specific needs.

Note: Each subscription is isolated, and information cannot be automatically transferred or reported across subscriptions. Each subscription, to which you have access, is represented by an icon on the Subscription Bar. Clicking an icon will navigate to that subscriptions Homepage.


Organising ProjectDeck

When planning the organisational structure within ProjectDeck, consider the following key layers:

  1. Subscriptions
  2. Lifecycles
  3. Projects
  4. Collections

To optimise your use of ProjectDeck, assess the strategic use-case for each subscription. Here’s an illustrative example:

Example: A large infrastructure client operates two primary construction departments—one handling repair and maintenance work, and the other managing significant capital projects. Each department consists of thousands of projects, categorised into different workstreams (e.g., major civil works and minor civil works). Various stakeholders require access to specific project information. They have structured their ProjectDeck subscriptions as follows:

Subscriptions Lifecycles Projects Collections
Repair and Maintenance
Major Repairs 400 projects Designers, Engineers, and Site Operatives use their own Collections, under each project to view and maintain the information they need.
Minor Repairs 800 projects
Capital Works Major Capital Works 100 projects
Minor Capital Works 200 projects

In this scenario, the client made these decisions because:

  1. Subscriptions: Staff members working on repair and maintenance projects differed significantly from those handling capital works projects. Two separate subscriptions makes sense in this case.
  2. Lifecycles: The business processes for different project types within each lifecycle were notably different. Creating different lifecycles for each makes sense in this case.
  3. Projects: Projects were organised as natural client projects, following internal governance.
  4. Collections: ProjectDeck Collections are highly adaptable views, allowing professionals to customise their data view within a project.

Keep in mind that ProjectDeck offers significant flexibility in system configuration. If you need further advice on how to strategically configure ProjectDeck for your organisation, please feel free to Contact Us.

Creating a New Subscription

To create a new subscription, follow these steps:

  • Click the + button on the Subscription Bar (1).


  • This will open the subscription selection control, where you can either set up a new Professional Plan (2) or contact the ProjectDeck team to establish a new Enterprise Plan (3).
  • To create a new Professional Plan subscription, click Buy Now (4). Alternatively, click Cancel to cancel the action.


  • If you choose Buy Now, you will be prompted to provide initial plan details, including the number of seats (5) and the billing period, annually or monthly (6). Additionally, you can select your preferred currency (7) — Great British Pounds (GBP), United States Dollars (USD), or European Union Euros (EUR).


  • When you are happy with your choices, click Continue to Billing Information (8).


  • Complete your billing information (9) and payment method (10) and click Pay Now (11) to activate your subscription immediately.


For more information on payment options, please refer to the Payment help page.

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