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Nick Adams
09 Jan 2024  • 3 mins read

The Lifecycles Grid on your Homepage offers several important functions:

  1. Rename Lifecycles
  2. Delete Lifecycles
  3. Export Data

Furthermore, you can leverage the capabilities of the ProjectDeck Grid, allowing you to effortlessly search, filter, sort, and group data to suit your needs.


My Data / All Data Filter

The Lifecycles Grid dynamically presents different data based on the status of the “All Data” selector:

  1. When the All Data selector is active (highlighted in green), it displays all lifecycles within the subscription.
  2. When the All Data selector is inactive (shown in grey), it exclusively lists your lifecycles, including those with edit or read-only projects.

Rename Lifecycles

Permissions: Lifecycle Admins may rename lifecycles.

To rename a lifecycle, perform a double-click on the lifecycle name to initiate inline editing. Make any necessary alterations to the lifecycle name, then press ENTER to confirm your changes. Pressing ESC will cancel any modifications made.


Delete Lifecycles

Permissions: Lifecycle Admins may delete lifecycles.

To delete a lifecycle, select the checkbox adjacent to the lifecycle name and click the Delete button located at the top right of the project grid. A confirmation prompt will appear before the lifecycle is permanently removed from your subscription.


Note: As a precautionary measure, you cannot delete lifecycles until all projects associated with the lifecycle have been deleted. Additionally, you can only delete a single lifecycle in a single action.


Data Export

Permissions: Lifecycle Admins may export data from the ProjectDeck system.

To export data, mark the checkboxes next to the lifecycle names you intend to export. Click the Export Data button positioned at the top right of the project grid. Your data export process will commence in a separate browser tab and may take a few minutes to generate. You can continue using ProjectDeck normally during this time. Once your exported data is ready, you will receive a notification in the separate browser tab and can click the download button to save the data to your local machine.


Note: Exported data is structured in a ‘flattened’ format suitable for Business Intelligence (BI) tools in a collection of .csv files. Enterprise customers may also contact us to explore direct API access to their live ProjectDeck data for advanced data reporting.

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