Introduction to ProjectDeck

Nick Adams
08 Jan 2024  • 4 mins read

Welcome to ProjectDeck, your form and document management system tailored specifically for the construction industry. Whether you are an asset owner, contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or consultant, ProjectDeck supports your workflows in the following key areas:

  1. Quality Management
  2. Health & Safety Management
  3. Environmental Management
  4. Integrated Management Systems
  5. Project Management
  6. Contract Management
  7. Asset Management
  8. Site Management

Your Workflows, Your Way

ProjectDeck is designed to offer flexibility, allowing you to manage your construction business workflows according to your preferences. You can take the time to set up your projects, lifecycles, and templates, or you can get started immediately with our pre-designed templates.

Wondering How to Utilise ProjectDeck?

Here are some quick ideas on how you can leverage ProjectDeck for various roles within the construction industry:

  1. Site Managers can easily record site diaries, conduct site inspections, and issue progress reports.
  2. Asset Managers can maintain asset registers, record O&M manuals, and manage plant maintenance records.
  3. Commercial Managers can efficiently handle contract variations, maintain risk registers, and process payment certificates.
  4. Project Managers can draft project initiation documents, develop business plans, and issue project briefs.
  5. Environmental Managers can conduct environmental impact assessments, perform environmental inspections, and audit company procedures.
  6. Safety Managers can control permits to work, ensure effective site inductions, and facilitate toolbox talks.
  7. Quality Managers can establish inspection and test plans, enable requests for information, and track defect management.

ProjectDeck is versatile and can accommodate these workflows and countless others with ease.

What Benefits Does ProjectDeck Offer?

The benefits of using ProjectDeck can be categorised into two main areas: benefits for individual practitioners, such as site managers, commercial managers, and quality managers, and benefits for organisations like asset owners or contractors.

For Construction Practitioners:

  • Processes become more transparent.
  • The user interface is user-friendly, ensuring ease of use.
  • Practitioners can focus on their roles with the assurance that everything they are responsible for is under control.

For Construction Businesses:

  • Managing thousands of projects and numerous workflows becomes significantly easier.
  • Access to information at any level is quick and straightforward.
  • Compliance with regulations and adherence to business processes are easily maintained.

Ready to Begin? Great! Let’s get started.

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