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Nick Adams
09 Jan 2024  • 3 mins read

The homepage serves as the gateway to ProjectDeck’s core functionality, offering easy access to essential features that streamline your workflow.


Let’s delve into each of these functions to understand how they work.

Creating Projects (1)

Permissions: The Project Admin role can create new projects.

If no projects have been created yet, the Homepage may appear slightly different (see below).


Clicking the New Project (1) button prompts you to provide details such as the project name and reference (while not mandatory, completing these fields is strongly recommended). Additionally, you must assign the project to a lifecycle.

You have the option to add team members to the project during setup, or you can access this function later. When you have completed your choices, click the Create Project button (2)


Once your project is created, you can view its summary data in the Projects Grid.

NOTE: If you haven’t already created a lifecycle, it is a prerequisite to creating a project.

Creating Lifecycles

Permissions: The Lifecycle Admin role can create new lifecycles.

If no lifecycles have been established yet, the homepage view may differ (see below).


Clicking the New Lifecycle button (1) allows you to enter details such as the lifecycle name and confirm (2) or cancel the creation.


Once your lifecycle is created, you can review its summary data in the Lifecycles Grid.

Grid Search

The grid search function empowers you to search all data within the projects grid or lifecycles grid. It serves as a robust tool and is often the quickest way to access the specific project or lifecycle you are interested in. The ProjectDeck Grid dynamically filters down to display only rows containing the searched term.


“All Data” Selector

The “All Data” selector significantly alters the following elements:

Explore the links above to gain a deeper understanding of these changes and how they impact your ProjectDeck experience.


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