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Nick Adams
10 Jan 2024  • 3 mins read

Within your project page, you can access ProjectDeck Grids associated with the All Forms Tab or Collections.

The All Forms Tab provides a comprehensive list of all forms created under the project. This is the default view available to all users with access to the project page. The image below depicts the project page with no forms created.


From the All Forms Tab, you have the option to create New Forms or New Templates, as described on the Project Page Functions help page.

The image below illustrates the Project Page once one or more forms have been created.


Default Grid Columns

The default columns in the ProjectDeck Grid for the project page include essential system properties:

  1. Form name
  2. Form version
  3. Template name
  4. Template version
  5. Created by
  6. Created date
  7. Updated by
  8. Updated date

You can leverage all ProjectDeck Grid functions, such as search, filter, sort, and group, to efficiently manage your forms. Additionally, you have the flexibility to add extra columns to the default All Forms view, including:

  1. Form Properties
  2. Form Workflows

ProjectDeck-all forms-columns

Automatic Column Grouping

When field names align across different Form Properties, the data will be grouped within the same column in the ProjectDeck Grid. For example, two forms with Form Properties named “Project Stage” will share the same column in the ProjectDeck Grid. It’s important to note that “column matching” is case-sensitive. Therefore, if one of the Form Properties is named “Project stage” (with different capitalisation) or “Project Stages” (pluralised), they will appear in separate grid columns.

For a deeper understanding of how to utilise the functions of the All Forms grid, consult the ProjectDeck Grid help pages, which offer comprehensive guidance.

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