Mott MacDonald Bentley

Construction Contractor
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Project Management, Quality Management

About MMB

Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB), part of the global Mott-MacDonald Group, are a UK based construction company. Their challenge was that their internal project and construction management processes were getting ‘lost in translation’ as their team engaged with increasing numbers of clients, each with their own project requirements.

MMB wanted to achieve all the different client project requirements whilst also meeting all their internal quality standards. However, as every client had different project lifecycles, working out when to optimally undertake each activity for each client was difficult.

MMB tackled their problem using ProjectDeck. They introduced the software to their business incrementally. The first step was to use the Lifecycle Designer to re-create their internal standard project stage process, called the ‘MMB Way’. Each stage of this process was populated using Template Designer to digitize activities from their existing document and spreadsheet-based process. MMB additionally took advantage of this step to improve many of their existing processes, instead of simply replicating them in ProjectDeck.

Once the ‘MMB Way’ Lifecycle was implemented, MMB created additional client centric Lifecycles. They re-used the activities they had designed in the ‘MMB Way’ to populate these new lifecycles. This helped MMB really consider the different client processes and how these may be optimised.

An important feature of ProjectDeck that MMB were keen to implement was reviews and approvals. Mott MacDonald Bentley wanted progress, to different stages of a project, to require management approval. They also wanted key activities, such a hazard studies or design work, to be approved by designated specialists within their stages. This was all readily implemented using the ProjectDeck workflows and all stages and activities that required this governance were established within each lifecycle.

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