We are ProjectDeck

Our founding team are seasoned professionals in the construction industry, having worked with asset owners, contactors and consultants throughout our careers.

The pivotal moment for ProjectDeck dawned when we were challenged by a major infrastructure client to devise a spreadsheet for overseeing 1500 projects. This daunting task sparked a realisation – there had to be a better way. ProjectDeck was born out of this need, sculpted to offer a solution that’s not just effective but also accessible to professionals across all sectors of the industry.

Our journey from concept to creation is a testament to our dedication to simplifying processes for our peers.

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Project, contract, safety, quality, environmental, asset and site processes should be intuitive and engaging.

Our commitment is to equip the construction industry with tools that are supremely user-friendly and easy to integrate.

We are dedicated to growing alongside the industry, adapting, and innovating based on the real-world feedback of those at its core.


ProjectDeck will maintain our reputation for driving customer confidence by building better ways of working for our construction industry colleagues.

Construction Focused

ProjectDeck is a reflection of the construction industry’s unique dynamics. Tailored specifically for this sector, our platform caters to a diverse range of organisations - from burgeoning startups to established global enterprises. Whether you're an asset owner, contractor, subcontractor, or consultant, ProjectDeck is crafted to align seamlessly with your organisational scale and style.

Straightforward And Flexible

Designed with the end-user in mind, ProjectDeck transcends traditional software boundaries. It’s intuitive, focusing on resolving the real challenges faced by professionals. Beyond its simplicity lies a robust, data-centric interface, developed specifically for the nuances of the construction industry. ProjectDeck adapts to your needs, ensuring that your workflow is always enhanced, never hindered.


We believe in democratising access to top-tier software. ProjectDeck stands as a beacon of affordability, ensuring that every construction professional can access superior tools without financial strain. Our subscription model is straightforward and fair, prioritising customer satisfaction and value. With ProjectDeck, you’re not just purchasing a service; you’re investing in a partnership that values your freedom and choice.

Meet our team of ProjectDeck founders
ProjectDeck Co-founder Nick Adams

Nick Adams


ProjectDeck Co-founder Simon Marshall

Simon Marshall


ProjectDeck Co-founder Stacey Adams

Stacey Adams


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